Jamie Horowitz

Co-founder and President in Los Angeles, CA

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Jamie Horowitz, based in Los Angeles, is a prominent figure in sports media, known for his innovative approach and strategic thinking. As the co-founder and president of Omaha Productions, which he started with Peyton Manning in December 2020, Horowitz focuses on creating content that not only entertains but also uplifts and unifies people.

Horowitz's tenure as Executive Vice President of Digital and Development at WWE was marked by his successful implementation of digital strategies and audience engagement techniques, showing his adaptability in the ever-changing media environment.

During his time as EVP of Content for North America at DAZN, Horowitz played a critical role in expanding the platform's content reach and establishing its competitive edge in the sports broadcasting arena.

Jamie Horowitz also served as President of FOX Sports National Networks and as a senior executive at ESPN.

Jamie Horowitz's entry into sports media started with his role as an Olympic Researcher for NBC Sports at the 2000 Sydney Summer Games.

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